I Don’t Deserve My Dream Job

Dana Theus
2 min readAug 18, 2023
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Making a career move is an exciting time. It’s also the best time to increase your salary and your standing with your employer. This is true with internal promotions and (especially) moves to a new employer. It’s true for W-2 employees as well as 1099 freelancers.

When I help my clients prepare for, and make the jump, to a new position I love hearing they’ve gotten their dream job and, and it happens a lot (which is why I love my job!)

Some of these happy endings start from a heartbreaking place, however, because at the beginning of their transitions, too many people talk themselves out of going for their dream job before they’ve even figured out what it is. I used to do this too, and I know these feelings of anxiety and dread that swoop in during a careershift to undermine your confidence.

Underlying this negativity are stated reasons like worrying about getting paid enough and a gap in employment. Underneath THESE worries is an assumption that there is no such thing as a dream job. Underneath THIS assumption is a deep seated fear that you don’t deserve it, even if it exists.

Here’s the thing, though. People who put those fears aside, who take the time to figure out what their dream job is and see how close they can get, manage to find a “dreamier” job than everyone else. Even if they don’t fully know if they deserve it.

This is because all that negativity is just internalized voices from other people in your life who didn’t believe in you. And once you connect with the uplifted energy of identifying your dream job, your excitement for it tends to drown out all the negativity. You feel more confident and this comes across in your search.

The best part is you have nothing to lose by trying. What’s holding you back from your dream job?

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