The Power Code [Book Review]

Dana Theus
2 min readNov 2, 2023

There are a LOT of books out there on women in professional settings. I don’t read them all, or recommend many, though all of them are worth exploring for new ideas and insights. I am recommending that women and men both read The Power Code: More Joy. Less Ego. Maximum Impact for Women (and Everyone).

Here’s why you should read The Power Code

Authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman have written other good books about confidence, which are worth reading, but in The Power Code they do an excellent job of painting a broad picture of the challenges women have in the workplace while also offering actionable advice. They take a perspective on women and power that is realistic–eyes wide open–and hopeful. They talk to real women who struggle and still find ways to wield power with joy and impact.

And this is the real takeaway of their book, when women see power as an opportunity to bring joy to their own lives and change to the world, they can often be more successful than they ever thought possible.

But Kay and Shipman don’t shy away from the reasons too many women don’t believe they can find joy in power–hard work, pressure on family, too little time to yourself. And they show why many women decide those are worthy prices to pay–satisfaction, pride, a sense of fulfillment in making a difference. They point out that the process of achieving power is harder than of actually having it. And, side comment from me, is that any different for men? I don’t think so.

It’s worth reading about these women who’ve attained power to see what joy looks like for them, and the difference they can make in the world because of it. My personal favorite was the story of Christine Lagarde, currently President of the European Central Bank, who made years of mothering count as relevant management work experience when hiring new employees…

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