What to do When You’re the Target of the Office Bully

Dana Theus
2 min readNov 9, 2023

What can you do when you’re the target of the office bully?

The office bully can come from anywhere. A superior, a subordinate and especially a peer. They can be anyone. A man, a woman, a workmate or someone you barely know.

There’s only one thing all bullies have in common: the ability to make you feel miserable and anxious. And it’s impossible to show up as your best self when you’re miserable and anxious.

Here’s the thing about bullies though. When you react to them, viscerally and emotionally, it’s like catnip. They can’t get enough of you and keep coming back for more.

Which makes you feel even more miserable, hating the idea of even showing up at the office where they will find new ways to trigger you.

AND, here’s the trick: when you DON’T react to them, when you genuinely don’t become triggered, they get bored and move on.

This doesn’t work if you’re just trying to hide your triggers (bullies have a 6th sense about what’s going on inside you). The good news is that your trigger, the one the bully is so good at plucking and snapping to make you react, is inside YOU. And that means you hold the power to release the trigger, and thus you become uninteresting (if not invisible to) the bully.

And there’s a bonus. Not only do you have fewer bullies in your life, but your stress goes way down because you’re spending less emotional energy managing your triggers.

Learn to release your triggers (see link below) and watch the bullies pass on by.

For free resources on detriggering check this out: https://bit.ly/3I1JJVU



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